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Translated to "raw hide", the ROHLEDER brand is properly named as a premium European brand of untreated Italian leather. ROHLEDER products are exclusively designed and manufactured in Europe and imported to the US and sold exclusively through the Caveyard store.

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Real Leather - Breathable and Protective

Be comfortable while you are cooking for your family and friends. An apron that will grow stronger with the the oils and juices from your cooking while you collect memories of cooking food for your loved ones on special occasions. The perfect holiday apron is one you can wear for years and years.

How to Care for Your Leather


ROHLEDER only uses uncoated leather, which permeable to water vapor and greatly reduces the formation of sweat keeping you comfortable while in front of the grill or smoker. Most leather you come across in the world is coated and treated, eliminating the natural function of leather acting as a second skin.

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