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Premium Leather Table Settings

Coasters for the bar in your basement. Placemats that create the aura... 

Respectable materials without the chemicals

ROHLEDER Leather is all natural, not treated with synthetics, unlocking the raw characteristics of the material like a soft texture, breathability, and durability.

Gloves for the Grill King

  • Breathable

    Most leather goods are treated with chemicals to create batches that are uniform in color and liquid resistant. Untreated leather is naturally water resistant and truly unique. No two pieces of ROHLEDER leather are the exact same.

  • Protective

    Whether it is the gloves and aprons protecting you from heat and grease, or it is the placemats, potholders, and coasters protecting your table and bar from lasting marks, be at ease that leather is a formidable barrier.

  • Durable

    Natural leather absorbs the oils and juices over time adding life to your favorite cooking items. ROHLEDER uses only the highest quality materials and best manufacturing processes so you can use it for a lifetime.

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You can feel the softness

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