• What you need

    It is best to use a soft sponge and a small glass of water. Do not use any chemicals or detergents as this will have a negative effect on the leather.

  • How to do it

    Firmly swipe along the surface in one direction. Do not press extremely hard or rub furiously to remove debris. Grease stains can be ignored, as they will absorb over time and disappear.

  • Once you're done

    Let the leather air dry at room temperature. Do not use a hair dryer, place your leather in the oven, or use any heat. This can shrink the leather when it is wet and we don't want that to happen!

  • The right leather care

    There are plenty of leather care products to choose from online. You can use a lot of different brands with ROHLEDER leather, but make sure to avoid petroleum-based products. These usually contain solvents that can shorten the life of the leather.

    Look for natural products that are wax or oil-based. These will keep your leather beautiful for a long time.

  • How to apply leather care

    Use a soft sponge to apply the leather care. With our own Wagner's Original, a lot goes a long way, so you don't have to use too much of the leather care each time you apply it.

    After cleaning is the best time to apply the leather care, but if you are applying it every couple of months, you will be in good shape.

  • Damage Removal

    The leather care will reduce or even remove minor scratches and damage to the leather. You shouldn't have to apply more than a single application, but for deeper damage, you may have to apply it twice.
    Massaging by hand can help to remove some of the harsher marks or wear.

  • Step 1

    Heat an iron to medium heat. While that is warming up, set up your ironing board.

  • Step 2

    Place the leather as flat as possible with a cloth napkin, thin towel, or even a t-shirt over top.

  • Step 3

    Move the cloth over top of the leather with the iron pressing down. You want the duration of the heat on the leather to be very short. Keep doing this until your leather is as smooth as you want.