Leather Care

Black leather apron with a feather sticking out of the pocket.

Leather Care – How to take care of your hide

Let’s be honest, you just spent over $300 on an apron or $200 on gloves. Trust us, it’s worth it! You will not be disappointed. Let’s get you started out on the right path to make sure that your new I-rule-the-grill accessory lasts forever. Raw leather has some fantastic natural properties that make it worth the buy, but you should familiarize yourself with some leather 101 before really breaking in the aprons and gloves with heavy use.


Below are some basic tips from the experts behind the design of ROHLEDER products to make sure that you are as happy in 10 years with your ROHLEDER as you are the second you open it out of the magnetically closed box.



The leather apron and gloves are not machine washable. To remove stains, simply wipe it with a damp, lint-free cloth.

Cleaning a single spot too long or with too much force can cause a removal of the surface wax, resulting in optical changes.

Dried-in stains should be removed by carefully wetting and wiping them, not aggressively rubbing.

If the stain does not disappear after being soaked and wiped, and it cannot be felt on the surface, it has penetrated the leather and can no longer be removed. Your leather just got some added character!

Oil stains will disappear by themselves after a few days as they are absorbed into the leather. The oil works as a makeshift care for the leather and keeps it supple, even if it is just vegetable oil.

Dirty seams can be wiped down with a damp cloth.

Important – No cleaning agents or solvents may be applied to the apron. This will definitely damage the oiled surface.


Scratches and damage:

Narrow, superficial scratches can be smoothed out with some leather care. It is best to apply it to a horsehair brush, and then brush it liberally onto the leather surface.

Slight finger rubbing or application of low heat can also help with scratches, and may be used in combination with the leather care.

Major scratches or large scale damage to the wax finish can only be alleviated by applying waxes or leather care to the area and then rubbing it in and ironing/heating it on a low setting. Reach out to the Caveyard store at infor@caveyard.com before taking this action for some more precise guidance.

The only leather care products you should use should be manufactured for use only on plastics-free genuine leather surfaces.


If the apron gets wet:

It is very important not to dry the leather over a heater or in an oven. Using the dryer you use for your clothes is also a big no-no. It will damage the leather and may damage your dryer.

Wetness and rain do not affect the leather as long as the apron or gloves are dried out at room temperature.

The leather will get irrersibly damaged if dried at a high temperature. It is best to hang the leather over an indoor clothesline or similar.



Always store the natural leather in a warm and dry place indoors.


If you have any questions that were not answered above, feel free to shoot info@caveyard.com an email.