ROHLEDER products are made with untreated leather. What does this mean to you? Untreated leather is porous to water vapor, thus allowing sweat and heat to dissipate through the apron or glove. This leaves you feeling ultra comfortable while staying protected for long sessions in front of the grill, griddle, stove, or smoker.

What you will find with most leather is that it is coated and treated to produce large quantities of consistent material. This often takes away from leather's natural features. With ROHLEDER, each piece of leather is unique, and often you will see one-of-a-kind characteristics on each piece such as scars, or bug bites.

With the leather being natural, any juices, oils, or splatter from food that is being cooked will give the apron its own life and protect it further. Over time the aprons and gloves take on a character of their own and often age to beautiful natural tones similar to the original color. 

When purchasing a ROHLEDER apron, you will know that you are getting a truly special item that is of the highest quality leather making it a perfect gift for someone you care about. With our lifetime guarantee, you will know that your gift will be appreciated for years to come.

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