Caveyard Club Saves the Day

Imagine this:

It’s the first summer weather holiday weekend of the year. 

Your family from out of town is on their way to stay with you for the long weekend. They are fighting Memorial Day traffic on their 12 hour drive. You know they have only “enjoyed” McDonald’s drive thru in their desire to not go into a sit down restaurant and make the road trip any longer.

You know they are excited to be outside on your patio and enjoy the beautiful weather that’s in the forecast. It is the yearly tradition that they escape the not-so-predictable weather of the North to enjoy the more reliable late May climate where you live.

Each year, you spend time outside and grill up something delectable. No one gives you thanks directly, but that doesn't matter to you. Their smiles and laughs, and their silence when at the deck dining table tell you all you need to know. 

You are the king of the grill. Even the kids finish their plates.

You’ve done it all, burgers, brats, steaks…What are you going to do this year to get that same response from your nutrient deprived family? You’re out of great grilling ideas.

You could do hot dogs and burgers…again. How original.

Your brother is driving across 3 states to see you and he doesn’t just want an Oscar Meyer weiner. You want to pay him for his sacrifice with a meal he can look forward to. 

The pressure is on. You need something with big flavor for his big drive.

You flip through your recipe rolodex, but there’s nothing that jumps out at you. You’ve done all these recipes a hundred times.

You can see it now: 

Your nephews are hangry and haven’t finished their dinner. 

Crying ensues. 

Valuable time you could be laughing with your loved ones slips through your fingers as they are spent finding something - anything - that the kids will eat. Basic burgers and hot dogs kill your weekend.

Then your phone pings. 

There it is. 

Every Friday at noon. 

An email from the Caveyard Club. 

“8 Great Recipes for Saving Memorial Day…”

Right when you needed it. A lifeline. Immediately you think:

  • “A new wing recipe for the grill that doesn’t dry them out?” Okay, that could work.
  • “Quesadillas on the grill?” Sign me up.
  • “That’s how easy it is to cook pizza on the grill?” Sold.

There’s still time to get to the store and get the ingredients before the roadtrippers get in before dinner. 

Disaster averted.

Stop - Before you add yourself to the free Caveyard Club email list, know what you’re getting in return:

  • You will impress with your culinary creativity
  • People will try to copy your cooking style
  • You will always get the best deals on new grilling accessories

This is what you’ll see in the once a week email:

  • A steady supply of varying types of recipes and cooking styles
  • Early access to new grilling and backyard brands
  • Exclusive discounts to existing products

If you're always running out of new recipes and are ready for an injection of culinary creativity, join the Caveyard Club today.