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Beer City Bottle Opener

Beer City Bottle Opener

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$50 for a bottle opener? We've got to be out of our mind here at Caveyard.


These bottle openers are heavy, similar to the weight of the beer your are about open. The metal won't chip, rust, or crack. These are the type of bottle openers that you show your friends, and then make them try them them out, because opening a beer with a Beer City Bottle Opener just feels awesome. 

As these are handmade just outside of Grand Rapids, MI, officially labeled Beer City, USA, each Beer City Bottle Opener is 100% unique. When you order one of these bottle openers, you will receive a truly one-of-a-kind piece of woodworking. We just pick the best one we have left in inventory and ship it out. This is typically not an issue as these are usually bought as gifts.

If you have a specific desire for a specific texture, pattern, or color, you can reach out to to make a request and we will have one specially made for you at no added cost.

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