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Home Dining Handmade Leather Placemats (4x)

Home Dining Handmade Leather Placemats (4x)

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Rohleder leather placemats will give you the feeling of a holiday or special occasion with the durability for everyday use. Treat yourself with high quality placemats or give as a perfect wedding gift for any couple you eat with on the holidays. They go well paired with the Rohleder leather coasters.

These placemats are naturally water repellent due to their waxed surface, and oils and fats will be absorbed and disappear. Most sauces and food that are on the placemats will be easily wiped off. For stubborn dried sauces and spills you can moisten the placemat to help remove the residue. Repeated, hard wiping can lead to an abrasion of the waxy surface. A small amount of leather care applied to abrasions and scraps will touch up the damage.

These placemats are not machine washable. 

Each order will come with a total of 4 placemats, if a different number is desired, please email to work out a special order. Orders of more than 4 placemats will receive special pricing. 



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