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Italian Leather Placemats

Italian Leather Placemats

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  1. Unparalleled Craftsmanship: Each placemat is meticulously hand-sewn, ensuring every piece is of the utmost quality.
  2. Premium Italian Upper Leather: Sourced from renowned Italian tanneries, the upper leather promises durability and an exquisite finish.
  3. Distinctive Design: The "Design" variant is not just a placemat; it's a statement. With its modern decorative stitching and unique asymmetrical shape, it elevates any table setting.
  4. Nature's Imprint: The use of plastic-free, untreated grain leather means each mat celebrates the leather's natural characteristics, including its grain and color variations.
  5. Self-Maintenance: The waxed surface aids in absorbing fats and oils. Grease marks? They blend in over time, adding to the placemat's story.
  6. Easy Cleaning: Spills or spots? A quick wipe with a sponge cloth is all it needs.
  7. Timeless Evolution: These placemats, akin to a cherished heirloom leather armchair, develop a rich patina over time, becoming even more beautiful with age.
  8. Sustainable Choice: By saying no to plastics, we're championing an eco-conscious lifestyle. Every natural mark or hue variation is a nod to authenticity.
  9. Austrian Craftsmanship with Italian Flair: An amalgamation of Italian leather quality and Austrian precision creates a product that’s second to none.

Turn every meal into an experience. Our premium leather placemats, with their artistic "Design" variant, not only protect your table but also turn it into a centerpiece of modern elegance.

The raw beauty of Italian leather combined with Austrian craftsmanship produces a product that is both functional and artful. Each placemat tells its own story, with natural features and the potential to age gracefully. It's more than just a dining accessory; it's a piece of art for your table.

Perfect For: Those with an eye for design, who value both aesthetic and quality in their dining essentials.

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Timothy Ford

Wonderful product. Quality and exactly what we were looking for in our dinning mats